This is neither a CPD certification program nor a College Diploma course.

This is a virtual learning coming from the practical, applicable, and extensive knowledge and experience so that all CRBs can go into the business of Project Development.

This shall cover 9 Webinar Series. Most of the Speakers needed for the topics shall come from the roster of Certified REBAP Brokers.

Virtual participants shall be encouraged to participate via Q and A box.


1.  4th Webinar Series: Conceptualizing a (3) three-unit Residential Townhouse Build and Sell Project (Pocket Developer) Date: April 16, 2021 1:30PM

2.  5th Webinar Series: PLOTTING (Geodetic Engineer) SITE Verification (Appraisal) Zoning Restrictions (Planning/LGU) Date: April 30, 2021 1:30PM

3. 6th Webinar Series: Highest and Best Use (Consultant/Appraiser/Developer) Proposed Project Marketability Evaluation (Developer: CRB Analiza Castro), Design Research (Architect: CRB Tina Franco) Date: June 18, 2021 1:30PM (Moderator: CRB Mae Cuajotor & CRB Bonn Parcutela)

4. 7th Webinar Series: Financial Studies (Cost and Profit) on the proposed project and possible sources of funding (Investor, Partner & JV; Cost of Money; Dev’t. & Construction Cost; Permit Cost; Sales and Marketing Cost; ROI; Projected Profit). Date: July 16, 2021 1:30PM (Speaker: (Suggestions CRB Emeterio Aman, CRB Tina Legazpi)); Moderator: CRB Eugene Tamayo & CRB Tes Geronimo).

5. Webinar Series 05 (Part 1 & 2): The Project Team: “Interaction and Business Relationship.”

Part 1 (Development): Environmental Planner (CRB Jun Encila, REBAP Naga-CamSur), Architect (CRB Aika Perez, REBAP Makati), [Civil Engineers, Plumbing] (CRB Randy Aman, REBAP Naga-CamSur) Electrical (CRB Jeffrey Poblador, REBAP Metro Bacolod): July 30, 2021 1:00PM How these professionals interact during the project? Saan sila pumapasok sa project development? Importance of each of the professionals? (Moderator: CRB Cecile Rivera of REBAP Naga-CamSur, CRB Thirdy Ballete of REBAP Global City)

Part 2 (Construction): Building Contractor *Joy Valledor – Tacloban LeySamBil* (Must Have License with PCAB | CRB CHERIE ESTACIO, REBAP Rizal | CRB Rey, REBAP Cavite), Project Manager *Allan Florin – Naga* (Nominee of Mike | Pres Celine Lim – REBAP Manda), Interior Design *Cecile Mendoza – Cavite* (CRB Vina Elisa Bote – Mandaluyong) & Accountant *Nelson Antatico – Zamboanga* (CRB Jeph Berc Rodelas – REBAP Bacolod | CRB Evelyn Corpuz – REBAP Laoag): August 13, 2021 1:30PM (Moderator: CBR Beth De Guzman of Bulacan Chapter| CRB Elvis Saligumba, REBAP Cavite)

Tech Run : August 7, 2021 (Saturday)

6. 9th Webinar Series: Project Development (Gov’t Permits and Licenses) – Ms AMY AMALIA ENGALLA of REBAP Rizal or ENGR. Rey Hapa of REBAP Cavite and Administration. Date: August 27, 2021 1:30PM

7. 10th Webinar Series: Effective Marketing (Pricing and Payment schemes) and Sales Strategy Date: ___________, 2021 1:30PM

8. 11th Webinar Series: Financing, Taxation and Documentation Date: __________, 2021 1:30PM

9. 12th Webinar Series: Topic (needed) September 17, 2021 1:30PM

REBAP Academy 3 Story unit Residential Townhouse Build and Sell Project Handbook. Author: 2021 REBAP National Webinar Committee

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